24 August 2010

The End. Bye Bye Film for the Soul

Let's face it, this happened months ago.

I've tried, I've failed. Film for the Soul is no more, I can't bring myself to work on the blog I loved so much.

Counting Down the Zeroes, probably, takes most the blame. The project was ambitious, a runaway success and wide-spread throughout the film blog community however, what I didn't relish though was the amount of editing, arranging, designing and managing involved, the time I spent on contributors articles meant I no longer had any input in my own blog.

Film for the Soul ceased to be my baby.

I'm still damn proud of that project though, and until a couple of months back, I still believed that I could complete it. After some deep soul searching, I realised I was dreading going back to it and my, futile, attempts to start blogging again were half-arsed to say the least, it just wasn't my blog anymore. Maybe it was meant to be this way.

I will miss this place terribly, I made great friends here; you know who you are out there and I just want to say thank you, thank you so much for what you've meant to me. What you amazing people didn't know was that Film for the Soul helped me through a really black moment in my life. I started the blog back in March 2008 when I was unemployed, without hope and admist a deep depression that had taken hold of me for the past 18 months.

Film for the Soul was part of my recovery; a major part in fact, to just have the facility to feel engaged, creative and a part of something I cared about made the world of difference to me. I never expected it to be anything other than a place to write stuff down but, and I'm sure all fellow bloggers will understand this, it means so, so much more than that. Film for the Soul boosted my confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and gave me a purpose, whatever the reasons that led me to those awful dark days Film for the Soul was the torch, lighting the way to a better way of looking at the world.

Meeting like minded people, discovering so much more to the world of cinema and writing. That's all it took. This is what Film for the Soul and you have meant to me, you have no idea what you've done for me. My life is my own again.

I will miss you all. I hope; I'm pretty sure, I will return one day but not here. Never here. This is it my friends. Adios. And thanks for all the fish.

Your friend
Ric Burke (aka) Ibetolis


Daniel Getahun said...

Ric, very sorry to hear that you are hanging it up, but you are exiting with a touch of class. Thanks for your heartfelt reflection on what blogging has meant to you - we could also some introspection like that on a regular basis (or at least I could). Best wishes for your future ventures, and enjoy the movies!

Tommy Salami said...

Sorry to see you go. I hope you find something to replace it that brings you joy.

Pat said...

Ric -

You will definitely be missed, but know that you have made a valuable contribution to the movie blogging community.

I'm glad this has been such a positive experience for you, and I hope it has given you confidence in your considerable talents as a writer.

All the best to you, Ric, in whatever you do. It has been a genuine pleasure to read your work and share thoughts on cinema with you.

Norma Desmond said...

Very sorry to hear this news, but I know it can be hard to stay motivated to keep at it once a fun little blogging hobby starts to feel more like an unpaid job.

Film for the Soul was great while it lasted, best of luck!

Tony Dayoub said...

Damn, I feel partly to blame, since I sparked this idea way back in the beginning. I hope you'll keep commenting at least, and maybe start blogging elsewhere under a new shingle.

Good luck, Ric.

Sam Juliano said...

I am deeply deeply saddened to hear this lamentable news. I sensed you had been struggling to maintain the status quo months back, but I understood how draining this could be, and of all the sacrifice involved. Yes, the Zeroes project is what ultimately closed the doors here, but what a project that was!!

You can hold your head high for achieving a success few on the net could ever taste.

You are a class guy, and I'll always consider you a good friend. Best Wishes in all your future endeavors.

**real sniffles**

J.D. said...

You will be missed, my friend but I completely understand and respect your decision to call it quits. Take it easy.

FilmDr said...


I enjoyed your work on Film for the Soul. The Zeroes project obliged me to write more thorough, careful posts than usual. I also fully understand and respect your decision to stop.


MovieMan0283 said...

I'm sorry to hear it's the end, but happy that blogging has served its purpose for you. I sympathize with the frustrations, the back-and-forth, and the feeling that it should not be a chore. Always feel free to drop by when you're in the mood, and to let me know when you're back in action, as I'll happily drop by myself. Best of luck with your endeavors elsewhere.

ghidorah said...

Thanks for everything Ric!

Just one thing you said I don't agree with: You didn't failed.

Take care!



You never have to say goodbye to a blog. It will be here if you ever feel the need to come back.

And you should.

Thanks for turning me on to some great flicks.

/ joe



You never have to say goodbye to a blog. It will be here if you ever feel the need to come back.

And you should.

Thanks for turning me on to some great flicks.

/ joe

Stacia said...

Ric, I feel like a perfect ass for not seeing this earlier. I came looking for you after thinking I hadn't seen you in a few weeks. Imagine my complete terror to find that it had been months, not weeks. (My life got so busy back in July that I didn't keep up with anything, but that's not an excuse. Just an explanation, and a poor one at that.)

I'm glad for the time you spent with the blogs and for all the terrific entries you posted, for Counting Down the Zeroes, for the great comments you left on my blog. I respect your decision but I'd be lying if I said I don't miss you, because I do. Lots. Take care of yourself, Ric.

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